January 24, 2019All Posts

How to Benefit from Selling Deals

In this article I'm going to focus on how you can benefit, from passing property deals onto others. Can you really make serious money selling deals and leads onto others? Yes you can. But like anything else this takes time and ...

By Simon Zutshi
property investing golden rules
January 2, 2019All Posts

The 5 Golden Rules of Property Investing

Are you serious about property investing? Are you wondering what will really maximise your return and minimise the risks? What are the property investing golden rules that you should consider? When I first wrote my book "Proper...

By Simon Zutshi
good property deal
December 19, 2018All Posts

What Makes a Good Property Deal?

Many property investors don't know what makes a good property deal. I want to help you understand how you could save time and effort by actually knowing this. You can also spot the opportunities that other investors may miss.  ...

By Simon Zutshi
purchase lease option
November 21, 2018All Posts, Most Popular

What Is a Purchase Lease Option?

This is one particular strategy that I have been using since 2007. I believe it is one of the best strategies to use, particularly in the current market conditions. But a purchase lease option is also misunderstood and overlook...

By Simon Zutshi