October 11, 2019All Posts

HMO Planning And Licensing Explained

In this blog, I want to explain to you the difference between HMO Planning and Licensing Requirements. This is a topic that people get very confused about. In fact, so much so, that it puts them off of investing in HMOs, as they do ...

By Simon Zutshi
HMO Myths
October 4, 2019All Posts

HMO Myths – 5 Myths Busted!

In this article I want to bust the five main HMO myths, that’s properties also known as Houses of Multiple Occupation. I've been a student HMO landlord since 1998. I meet a lot of investors who want to get into HMOs because they wan...

By Simon Zutshi
September 27, 2019All Posts

Deal Sourcing for Beginners

This blog is all about deal sourcing for beginners. So what is deal sourcing? Well very simply, it's about finding great property deals, either for yourself, or to sell onto another investor for a fee. I am going share exactly what ...

By Simon Zutshi
September 20, 2019All Posts

Finding Property Owner Information

How do I go about finding property owner information? That's a question that I'm often asked and I'm going to answer in this blog. Now very often you might be out and about and you might see a derelict property, or a property that's...

By Simon Zutshi
The Effects of Brexit on Property Investing
September 13, 2019All Posts

Effect of Brexit on the UK Property Market

In this blog, I want to explain what I believe will be the effect of Brexit on the UK property market. How you can prepare for that and also profit from the situation as well. Now Brexit is a complete mess. There's no question, beca...

By Simon Zutshi
August 24, 2019All Posts

No Money Down Property In The UK

In this blog, I'm going to talk to you about no money down property in the UK. What I'm going to talk about works not only in the UK, but actually no money down property investing anywhere in the world. I have written this because a...

By Simon Zutshi
August 2, 2019All Posts

Is Now a Good Time to Invest in Property?

Is now a good time to invest in property? That's a question I'm often asked, and one I'm going to answer for you in this blog. Since starting to invest in property back in 1995, I have experienced the property market boom, crash, an...

By Simon Zutshi