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We are David & Beverley Lockett and we have been investing in property since starting the Mastermind program in March 2016. After finishing in the top five of that particular Mastermind program David was able to stop practicing as an accountant and he sold his practice to work on their property business full time. Beverley was a Business Management lecturer and has since followed suit. Together with their eldest son William they now run a successful property business providing environmentally minded and socially aware accommodation for professionals across Cheltenham, Gloucester and Worcester. Whether the professional requires a short stay of a couple of days or a couple of weeks or they are looking for high quality accommodation in a shared house, their business, Red Door Homes is able to cater for them.

Throughout their lives David & Beverley have always had a strong ethical nature and have been mindful of their impact on the environment. They bring both of these values to their property business by ensuring that they have a minimal impact on the environment but also actively help to create a community across their properties to help combat the issue of loneliness among young professionals who are living in a new environment.

When our son moved away from home for his dream job he moved into a shared house. The environment he found himself in meant that he spent most of his time alone since he had moved away from friends and family. Despite moving several times he was unable to find a suitable home and could not afford a property of his own. This inevitably lead to him giving up his job and moving back home. His experience has driven the direction of our business and for each property we always ask ourselves “would we want our son or daughter to live here?”

David and Beverley are able to generate a very handsome income from any cash rich investors who want to learn about property investing or simply support Red Door Homes environmental and ethical way of doing business.

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