The Impact of Inflation & Rising Interest Rates On Property

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Simon Zutshi, author of Property Magic and successful property investor since 1995 shares his thoughts on the Impact of Inflation on property right now, alongside the Rising Interests Housing Market.

What do Rising Interest Rates Mean for Property Investors in the UK? Find out How Inflation is Impacting the Housing Market and What to Invest In as Interest Rates Rise.

After Inflation and Interest Rates Explained, Simon outlines that whilst inflation is not good for most people, inflation can be good for Property Investors because it erods value of the debt.

The biggest issue with Inflation for landlords is the risk of rising interest rates For anyone contemplating Should You Get a Fixed Mortgage Rate? Simon highlights the benefits to this if you are worried about Inflation and Property Prices affecting your mortgage payments.

"So typically, it could be your money. But as I said, at some point you're going to run out of that, so you could use someone else's"


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