Will the Reform Party Abolish Section 24?

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Do you have a Guide to the UK General Election 2024? Are you aware of the Election Pledges associated with each competing party?

Property Expert, Simon Zutshi, focuses on the General Election 2024 from a Property Investing perspective. In this Property Education video, he talks through the Manifesto of Labour, Conservative and the Reform Party, highlighting what their plan means for UK Property Investors as a whole.

What is the Best Party for Property Investors? Whilst there is no straight answer, Simon encourages you to cast your vote wisely and make sure that it is definitely an informed vote.

Find out more about Labour Party’s Plan to Resolve the Rental Crisis - including their intention to build 1.5 million homes in their parliamentary term, increasing the number of Planning Officers you have access to and reviewing Right to Buy Schemes. With Reform’s Plan to Repeal Section 24, there is also no surprise why they are set to win a few seats against the Conservatives. Abolishing Section 24 within 100 days is an incentive which stands out to many frustrated landlords.

The Conservative Party surprisingly promising to build 1.6 million homes, raising the Stamp Duty for First Time Buyers and bringing in a temporary Capital Gains Tax relief are all other factors to consider. Who do you think is going to win? Simon urges you to become involved with a very important election.



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