Will UK Interest Rates Come Down in 2024?

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When Will Interest Rates Come Down? Will Interest Rates Drop Again This Summer?

HSBC, Barclays and Natwest are all part of the high street banks currently reducing their Interest Rates, ahead of what could be an Interest Rates Drop in 2024. Despite previously keeping the Interest Rate at 5.25%, the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee has provoked thoughts that an Interest Rate Cut Could Be On The Way. 

Property expert, Simon Zutshi, talks in detail about how an Interest Rate Drop would be welcomed, given the circumstances of current Fixed vs Variable Rate Mortgage debates and facing the direct effects of Section 24. 

With the General Election in place, things are about to change. Learning more about the Manifesto of each Major Party is highly beneficial. Simon points out his previous video as a Guide to the UK General Election 2024.

Whilst Labour is Set For a Historic Landslide Win, there is still a lot of uncertainty regarding Interest Rates and political decisions that could directly impact Property Investors.

Simon encourages you to still get out and continue building your Property Portfolio, as the next 6 months are a great time to secure some really great Property Deals from Motivated Sellers across the country. 



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