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Welcome to the Berkshire property investors network. My name is Mike Holt, I am a Senior Consultant at The Landlords Pension and I will be hosting the event.

Knowledge, confidence and support are the foundations of success in the property market, and the goal for the Berkshire pin meeting is to supply these in abundance.

Whether you are just starting out in property or an experienced investor we are sure you will find value in attending the Berkshire pin. Finance experts such as mortgage brokers, bridging experts, private funders and property tax accountants will be exhibiting at the event and offering free advice to help you on your journey.

My history...

I have been actively involved in property investment since 2004. My passion for property started as a school boy when I used to work in my uncle's estate agency during school holidays. I have successfully sourced over 350 property deals from sale and rent-back through to lease options.I have worked for some high profile property investors and have helped many people on their property journey.

5 years ago I started a new chapter in my property career working for The Landlords Pension, a company that helps clients take control of their pension funds by swapping the volatility and poor returns of the stock market for the substantial returns possible in the property sector. Clients of The Landlords Pension see growth on their property investments year on year, meaning a bigger pension fund for the future. Being involved and witnessing the growth first hand is most satisfying.

I live in South Oxfordshire with my partner April and our 2 children, Lilly and Oakley.

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