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Investing can be lonely, complex and challenging.
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Pin is a national networking community.
We exist to support property entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people transform their lives through property by providing people with all the tools, inspiration and connections that they need to become financially free

Our Core Values
A Short Word

As a driving force behind the UK property investing community, we recognise the huge responsibility behind our influence over the public image and professional conduct of property investors.

These are the 5 key principles that we hold most true to how we run our business and how we encourage our community to do so also.

Ethical Investing

Investing need not be a zero sum game. We firmly believe that for one person to win, the other person should not have to lose, and so our most fundamental of values is ethical win-win investing.

We help property entrepreneurs to create nice homes for people and we always aspire to help those in difficult situations as best we can.


We believe in always doing the right, ethical thing, even if that means losing a profitable deal or an opportunity.

We stay true to our word and never deliberately mislead.

We show respect for all individuals regardless of background, experience, style or ideas.

Inspire Others

John C. Maxwell said that "a word of encouragement can change a life and inspire a person to reach his/her potential."

It is with precisely that spirit that we endeavour to light a fire in the bellies of the wider property community, inspiring people to reach their true potential.

Work with Passion

We believe that passion is energy. And in the words of Nelson Mandela, "there is no passion to be found by playing small".

Our passion is to help people achieve more than they ever thought possible by providing the tools, inspiration and connections that they need to become financially free.

Share Freely

The pin community is renowned for its generous and open approach to sharing knowledge and experience for the collective good.

We facilitate a friendly and inviting environment where individuals of all experience levels are welcomed and encourage to share and benefit alike.

Invest with Knowledge. Invest with Skill.

Since 2003, the property investors network has provided a positive, inspirational and supportive environment in which you can learn how to become a more successful property investor. We now have 50 monthly meetings across the UK. We don’t sell property. We just teach people like you how to be more successful investors. How to invest with knowledge, and invest with skill, to minimise the risks and maximise your return.

The home of the UK's property networking community

Invest with Knowledge.
Invest with Skill.

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Founder / CEO
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