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What is a pin Meeting?
Know more, do more. Simple!
Learn how to avoid costly mistakes and make the most of opportunities.
Friendly & experienced peers
Don't do it alone. Get the support and direction you need from your peers.
Old ways don't open new doors
Grow your mindset by spending time with successful property investors.

Property Networking
Expand your knowledge and your network

Network with like-minded investors in your local area, no matter what your experience. Get the latest news in the mortgage and lettings markets. Experience highly inspirational case studies and learn from industry leading property investors from across the country.

Find your local meeting

pin Blogs NOW LIVE!

your bi-weekly dose of property insights written by Simon Zutshi

your bi-weekly dose of property insights written by Simon Zutshi



pin Blogs NOW LIVE!

your bi-weeky dose of property insights written by Simon Zutshi

your bi-weekly dose of property insights written by Simon Zutshi


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Friendly, passionate & experienced property people

Every week, thousands of property investors attend more than 50 pin meetings across the country. Why? Because they want more knowledge, more support, more contacts, more deals and more resources. Regularly attending pin meetings is quite literally the best way to safely and expertly grow your property portfolio to new levels.

Community Testimonials
See what the community has to say about our meetings

Kevin Bridgwater
(Sheffield pin attendee)

"I started investing in property in 2011 shortly after attending my first pin meeting in Sheffield. Since then I've done over £3.6m in property development deals and I couldn't have done it without the support and knowledge that I gained through the network over the years."


Sue Johnson
(Exeter pin attendee)

"I love going to my local pin meeting. Being very new to property investing, I was worried I wouldn't fit in but everybody was so friendly and welcoming and I'm already working on my first deal, so exciting! Can't wait for the next event, see you there!"


Nate Jones
(London pin attendee)

"The London property market can be brutal so it's really important to surround yourself with like-minded professional investors to support you along the way. I've met some amazing people through pin who I now work with closely on a daily basis."

Find your local pin Meeting
Find your local pin
Search over 50 property networking events across the UK to find your nearest.
Search over 50 property networking events across the UK to find your nearest.
Grow your business network
Get to know the people that can help you achieve your goals
Meeting Event Format
All you need to know about your evening at pin
Registration & networking
Your chance to get to know the local investor community

Bring your business cards because it's time to meet the friendly local investor community. You'll be made to feel welcome team who will introduce you to other people at the meeting.

Welcome introduction for new attendees
All you need to know about your evening at pin
Your chance to get a flavour for what to expect over the course of the evening. The host will introduce themselves and the team and answer any questions that you may have.
Meeting begins - Host introduction
Get to know your meeting host and how they can help you
Get to know your pin host and a brief history of their property journey so far. In addition, you'll find out the agenda for the evening, as well as who is speaking and the topic of their presentation.
Mortgage & Lettings Updates
Stay up to date on the latest market updates and legislation
Start building your property power team and find out all about upcoming changes in the financial and lettings markets that affecting property investors in your area.


Exclusive Prize Draw
Book at least 72 hours in advance to win a valuable prize
One lucky recipient who has booked onto the meeting at least 72 hours in advance will win a valuable prize worth hundreds or even thousands of pounds from our sister property education company Mastermind Principles.


First Speaker
New, inspiring presentations and case studies every month
The first speaker of the evening will a pin approved presenter sharing a brief snapshot of their specialist area of investing expertise. This speaker is often a successful local property investor.
Service Providers
Your chance to promote your business and find out about other local service providers
Your opportunity to stand up in front of the group and let everybody know how you can help. Many providers have made connections that have led to thousands of pounds worth of business.
Networking Break
Another brief chance to get to know the local investor community
Another brief opportunity for a comfort break and to make links with other local property investors. Grab your business cards, make conversation and grow your network.
Second Speaker
High value focused content delivered by experienced national speakers
The main speaker of the evening will deliver a 45 minute presentation sharing their specific area of expertise, experience and other useful tips. Expect to receive major value and take plenty of notes.
Host roundup
Find out about upcoming local and national events
The host will round up the evening by informing you of upcoming professional training opportunities and other local events of interest and, of course, what to expect at next month's meeting.
Event Finish & Networking
One more opportunity to meet other local investors and grow your network
This is your opportunity to retire to the bar or recreational area, follow up on the useful connections you made earlier or even ask the host or team any questions you may have. Some groups even go for food afterwards!
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