Since 2003 pin have gained huge credibility and trust with our members, and since this date through the highest standard of property education and networking environment in the UK, Simon Zutshi the founder of pin has helped hundreds of people become financially free through property.

Here at pin we are looking for special individuals and/or companies that have property related services to speak at all or any of our 50 pin networking meetings. Click Here to see all of the meetings

Our carefully chosen speakers, preferred partners and our hosts are very privileged to be given a platform in which they can speak and add massive value in front of active property investors and landlords who are looking to use property related services.

Due to the huge credibility and trustworthy reputation that Simon Zutshi has built, we expect the same values from our speakers on our circuit.

Speaking at pin meetings is a great way for your company to generate publicity and positive exposure, in addition to establishing thought leadership in key industries.

Benefits of speaking at pin meetings

Getting out from behind your desk and in front of your target audience so you are part of the pin meeting agenda is a very effective way to get your company’s message across at an event.

It's a Great PR opportunity

As a speaker at our pin meetings, you are afforded the opportunity to position and keep your company’s profile at the front of the industry and channel.

It’s good for the industry

pin meetings are a way for the industry to come together and find solutions to common challenges that benefit the industry as a whole. The networking and exchange of ideas that pin meetings facilitate help to move individuals, companies and industries forward and speakers have a critical role to play in that.

Lead generation

Gain personal connections – emails, names, handshakes, friendships with well connected and like-minded guests in the industry, as well as potential clients, and client enquiries.

It’s like a huge brainstorming session

Being able to speak at pin meetings lets speakers put their opinion and influence out there (agree with them or not) and get people thinking about what they are doing in their businesses and what they could/should be doing.

Speaking comes with perks

Speakers get to enjoy all the benefits of the pin meeting as well as potentially receiving an invitation to speak at more exclusive seminars and conferences. Plus speakers get the opportunity to catch up with colleagues and meet new partners in the business.


Want to raise your profile and attract new clients?

If you would like to apply to speak at all or any of our 50 monthly pin meetings then please do complete the short form below and we will email you the speaker booklet and speaker template form.


No matter what experience you may or may not have we will take your speaking ability to the next level. We have created a day specifically designed to help people who want to speak at the pin meetings and the transferable skills that you will learn will benefit many areas of your life.

To see what you will specifically learn on the day please Click Here