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The ethical, win-win property network

As the reviewer below (Robert) says, we live by our commitment to ethical, win-win deals. 

Yes, our goal is for you to be successful.

But we also want so much more for you than a full bank account. 

We also want you to feel good in your own skin, to spread happiness, and have a positive impact on yourself, your family, and the world.

It’s hard to scale a portfolio if you feel embarrassed, guilty, or secretly ashamed about what you're about to say next.

That’s why many investors struggle to get started, or sabotage themselves at the finishing line. 

Commit to win-win investing.

When you do, any negativity, worry, or fear that’s currently holding you back will evaporate. 

You’ll soon be a happy, confident, financially free investor with a higher purpose to your ambitions.

If you’re on board with that, we’d love to meet you.


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When You Subscribe As A pin Member:

Bonus #1:  The Best Kept Secrets of 8 Successful Property Investor interviews (value £997)

An online interview series with 8 of our most highly successful students. These interviews will inspire you and show you the fast-track insider secrets which you can follow. By watching these interviews, you will discover the best strategies to quickly build your wealth, find out what is working best in the market right now, build yourself belief about what is possible and be inspired to take even more action.

They will share with you:

Exactly what strategies they used

Specifically, what worked about their strategies

What didn't work for them

The best strategy to use for the current market.

Their top tips for you to achieve similar success in the current market

Value £997

Bonus No #2: How to conduct your Due Diligence (VALUE £497)
This online video series will show you the correct approach on how you should carry out your Due Diligence on all of your property deals including not only the property itself but others you deal with in property.

You will discover:

How to do your Due Diligence on a potential property deal.

How to do your Due Diligence on property sourcers.

How to conduct your Due Diligence on potential investors.

How to do your Due Diligence on potential Joint Venture partners.

Value £497

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can pin help me as a beginner in property investing?

A: pin provides comprehensive education, training, and resources tailored to beginners, helping you understand the fundamentals.

We’ll show you how to choose the right strategies, get started, and confidently make your first investment while minimising risks.

Q: If I already have a small portfolio, how will pin membership help me?

A: pin offers advanced training, networking opportunities, and access to exclusive resources and tools to help you optimise your existing portfolio, identify new opportunities, and scale your investments for long-term growth and success.

Q: I already have a large portfolio, what advantages can I gain from pin membership?

A: pin helps experts stay up-to-date with market trends, regulations, and innovative strategies, while offering a platform to connect with other professionals, share insights, and collaborate on joint ventures or new investment opportunities. 

If you struggle with your ‘why’, finding your motivation, or feel like you’re leaving money on the table, joining pin can put you on the fasttrack to solve all of those problems.

Q: What types of property investment strategies will I learn at pin?

A: pin covers a diverse range of strategies, including buy-to-let, HMOs, property flipping, lease options, serviced accommodation, and more, ensuring you can find the most suitable approach based on your goals and resources.

You’ll get access to detailed presentations by everyone from beginners to experts as they share the exact steps they followed, which you are free to ‘copy and paste’ into your own journey.

Q: Do you provide ongoing support and resources for pin members?

A: Yes, pin offers continuous support through regular meetings, an active community, and access to up-to-date resources, helping you to stay motivated, informed, and equipped to overcome challenges and seize opportunities in property investing.