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Hi there! We are Nisha Patel and Philip Hunnable and we are your hosts of the Birmingham pin Meeting which takes place on the 3rd Thursday of the month

Nisha Patel

I would love to say I am from property background, but the reality is…I was an accidental landlord in 2007. Then I parked money again into another BTL in 2014 and got busy raising kids, full time job and catching up with life.

In 2020 when COVID 19 hit, everything stopped, I had time to reassess my life as I wanted to spend more time with my family. I knew I needed a changed and after long brainstorming realised my investments properties weren’t bough with any strategy, but it was cash flowing, so property could be my vehicle to get to my goals.

In 2021, taken a difficult decision of taking voluntary redundancy, after working for 15 years in the company. This was the opportunity to take a new challenge and facemy fears to achieve my goals.

I have heard success stories of few Masterminders and decided to follow same path. I have built R2R HMO portfolio and manage my BTLs efficiently, this has made me financially free even before I got redundant. It has been a massive mindset shift and taken massive action.

Me and my team have wealth of knowledge and experience. Each month we will have 2 different speakers, who will share their experience, this will inspire and motivate you. There will be opportunity to network and connect with like minded people. This is safe environment to share goals/ dreams with other property investors.Your NETWORK is your NET WORTH.

Philip Hunnable

I am a local professional property investor who is based in Dudley. I am A Mastermind graduate and wealth dynamics flow consultant and I have been involved in property since 1994.

I am excited to be co hosting Birmingham alongside Nisha which is a fantastic opportunity for us to bring together both experienced property professionals and beginners alike. We are excited to work with local businesses such as mortgage brokers, letting agents, property solicitors and tradesmen and provide a relaxed, fun networking environment.

Everyone who attends the event will have the opportunity to promote their services to the room in a short pitch which is a fantastic way to make new contacts and generate new business or solutions to a targeted audience.

Property investment is a people business and who you know or are yet to meet is the key to success so come along and join us on the 3rd Thursday of the month.

Nisha and Philip

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