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Hi everyone – welcome to Bournemouth pin. I am Max Noble and I am your pin host.

We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month and whether you are new to property or a seasoned investor, you will find these meetings a great source of inspiration and knowledge as well as being a great way to connect with others to expand your network.

Just a little bit about me and my property journey. I left school at 18 and set up my own sales and marketing company. Running my own business with no prior work experience was a steep learning curve but my business is continuing to expand and I am very passionate about increasing that growth and continuing to improve what I do.

Property has always been a topic of conversation in my household and the idea of creating residual income was very appealing. Around 3 years go my Mum returned from attending a property meeting and told me I should join her next time so the following month I found myself at my first pin meeting and instantly realised there is a lot more to property than I had originally thought.
I quickly started reading as many books, magazines and articles as I could find on property and then signed up for the online PLO course that Simon runs. During the course there was an offer to attend Property Magic Live so I attended that with my parents and was amazed at all th different strategies that were possible.

I realised that I needed to learn a lot more if I was to get involved in property so in 2019 I joined the Mastermind Programme. This massively accelerated my property journey and gave me the chance to meet other like-minded people who I have since become close friends with.

I have built a successful HMO portfolio using creative strategies with little money down and I am purchasing more HMO’s and adding value by extending them and ensuring a high end finish. I invest across the South West and have recently started to move into small scale developments.

As someone who was totally new to property, pin gave me access to the advice and help of more experienced people whose help was invaluable to my confidence to get started and ensured I made better decisions and fewer mistakes. I am still constantly learning and pin offers the perfect environment to everyone looking to accelerate their property journey. And it is now a fantastic way for me to be able to give back to the community which has provided so much to me.

I would love you to come and join us as a member of Bournemouth pin. By networking each month and sharing your property ambitions, you will find there are many people in the room who can assist you in achieving your goals, just as it has helped me achieve mine.

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