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Welcome to the Savvy Cambridge pin! I have had the great pleasure of hosting this amazing meeting since May 2013!

Let me introduce myself: born and bred in Belgium with a 3 yr stint in the US as a child, I have an international multi-lingual background speaking English, French, Spanish and Dutch. I married my British husband +30 yrs ago, lived in Spain for 14 yrs and ended up in Cambridge, where I used my language skills as an international freelance pharmaceutical market researcher.

10 years ago our two kids were growing up quickly - as they do - and flying the nest. I then stumbled on a 2 hour seminar on property investing. I was hooked right there and then!

Using the equity in our house, I quickly invested in off-plan (!!!) flats and soon realised that although I had taken action, my actions were not the wisest ones. The one thing I did realise, however, was that I loved going on courses, learning and interacting with lots of other people. I am what we call a 'course junkie'.

I realised very quickly the value of my own education and if I was paying high fees for my kids to go to university, then I could do the same for myself. This realisation was followed by years of different courses with all the costs that this represents. One of these courses was the first Property Magic 2-day conference in 2008, after which I signed up for Simon Zutshi's year long property mastermind course - MM4.

6 months into the programme, when being given the mic to tell the 59 other masterminders my gold nugget for the day, I suddenly felt the urge to say: 'I think I can make a business out of property investing' - Simon then said 'OK, OK, don't go too fast' or at least that is what I thought he had said. I took it as a challenge and when he phoned me one week before the end of the course, he realised that I was one of his 5 best performers of the year! Being nominated for this award gave me an amazing feeling of achievement!

A present - a few years down the line - I have re-joined the Mastermind Graduate course after a 2 year absence and am now a full time property investor and strategist. I help others achieve more in the property investment world and am always on the lookout for property problems and ways to resolve them.

This financial freedom has allowed me to take on a wonderful assistant, who has brought me peace of mind and more freedom to do what I also love doing: horses, gardening, recycling and travelling.

So, if this inspires you a bit then join us at the monthly 'Savvy' Cambridge pin for a great journey of support in realising your dreams.

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