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Welcome to the Canary Wharf pin Meeting!

Having followed Simon Zutshi’s Property Mastermind programme from 2019 to 2021 and having been a regular attendee of the Canary Wharf pin for the last two years, I have been amazed by the commitment and achievements of so many people to improve their lives through property investment! pin meetings are one of the very best ways to grow your network in your chosen investment area (and, as they say ‘your network is your net-worth’!)
Having trained as a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and currently working as ‘Head of Construction Management’ for a large plc pharmaceutical manufacturer. I am also a very keen property investor and first became involved in property as an ‘accidental landlord’ in 2003. Since then I have built up a portfolio single lets and also (at the time of writing) eight R2SA units. I am eager to continue to develop my portfolio and use the cashflow to invest in some ‘Build-Refurbish-Refinance’ (BRR) projects, where I can add value. My ultimate target is to become completely financially independent!

I am continually inspired by the way that investment in property is able to change peoples lives and prosperity for the better! Property investment has certainly helped me and I know 100% that it has the capability to help you too! At Canary Wharf pin there are two different speakers each month, who will provide golden nuggets of information that can help you along your journey! In addition to the Speakers, you will be surrounded by all kinds of people who can help you on your journey, from investors / property deal sourcers / builders / bridging finance providers / potential JV partners to name but a few! You can be sure that you will increase your knowledge and contacts from your very first visit here with us!

Canary Wharf pin will be held on the First Thursday of each month. It is an informal and fun environment and we try to make humour and fun the fundamental part of the evening, whilst delivering serious messages about how we can help each other to develop! I very much hope to see you join us!

Best wishes,

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