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Hello my name is Morgan and I am the host for Cardiff pin.

I have been involved in property since 2006 and I started my property journey working on a development of five sixteen century barns converting them into luxury homes, unfortunately this coincided with the financial crash of 2007. Though this time I witnessed how the developer only survived by the cash flow he received from his caravan site and I saw the importance of having income from property not just lump sums.

I was working as a bricklayer when I made the decision to invest in property for myself and I purchased my first buy to let in October 2013 which I still have in my portfolio.

At this time I attended my first pin meeting and soon enrolled on the 11th property mastermind program which accelerated my learning and helped me to formulate a strategy that worked for me.

Since then we have concentrated on building a portfolio of highly cash flowing HMO's in the south Wales area which has allowed me the freedom to leave the building industry behind.

I am now a fully regulated mortgage broker, a role I enjoy immensely and with my investing and building back grounds this helps me to think outside the box and fund deals a lot of brokers would walk away from.

The monthly pin meetings have been crucial in helping me to gain knowledge and contacts to help to grow my property business. I have also found it to be a good support environment where you can meet people of the same mind as property can be a lonely Journey on your own.

We would love to see you at the next Cardiff pin meeting and there will be a warm welcome for all.

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