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A warm welcome to Coventry and Warwickshire pin, my name is Steve Ray and I am your area host.

This is my local area, I grew up in Stratford-upon-Avon and lived in Moreton Morrell, Warwick and now Kenilworth.

I have 2 daughters, Sophie in 6th form at Myton School and Olivia in her final year at Newcastle University.

Having left school at 16, I became an apprentice printer in Stratford-upon-Avon, later progressing to my parents printing business in Foleshill, Coventry. Being a late learner, I returned to college to study as a print technologist before returning to the family printing business Reynolds Press Ltd which is surviving and thriving even now, 40 years on.

Although I had no formal property training, I enjoyed buying tired properties and renovating them to live in. I even built a factory for Reynolds Press on the Seven Stars Estate in 1990. This was all great experience although I wasn’t aware of it at the time.

In 2017 at the age of 59, when my marriage failed and Reynolds Press Ltd was struggling, I made the decision to find another source of income and a ‘new start’. This led me to attend my first ever pin meeting which was here at Coventry and Warwickshire with the great Sébastien Buhour as pin host. That night, I knew I was in the right room with like-minded supportive people.

3 months later I enrolled on the 12-month Property Mastermind Programme (MM25). This course changed my life and me at the same time. I count my fellow colleagues amongst my closest of friends, we all gained so much more than a property education.

After learning lots of property strategies, I focused on purchase options with planning gain and also serviced offices. Not your average strategies but I like to be a niche player. A purchase option I negotiated whilst on Mastermind 25 has now been granted planning permission with a GDV of £5-6M. This substantial uplift I am sharing with the owners of the property, creating an ethical win/win scenario for them and myself.

My serviced offices are highly niche, enjoying great success with this model being replicated in other areas of the UK. Please check out my projects on

Seeing the impact recent education has had on my life, I am studying the advanced programme of ‘Property Entrepreneur’. The learnings from this have transformed all my businesses including Reynolds Press which is now flourishing again. I am currently looking at mergers and acquisitions in the print and serviced office sectors.

Coventry and Warwickshire pin is consistently one of the most successful pin meetings in the UK largely due to a great local pin team and a great location. Having been a member of the pin helper team here for the last 2 years I am delighted to welcome you now as host.

Each pin meeting is an open forum for learning, networking and sharing ideas. We are privileged to have a wide knowledge bank of specialist speakers together with a great audience from absolute beginners (as I once was) through to seasoned and professional investors.

The energy, vibe and support at Coventry and Warwickshire pin is legendary, my pin team and I would love to welcome you to our next meeting (every 2nd Tuesday of the month).

If you have any questions beforehand, please feel free to call me directly on 0773 4111 422, otherwise I’ll see you there.

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