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Hi everyone, my name is Steve Cowgill and I’m delighted to welcome you to the first pin Meeting in the Middle East. It takes place in Dubai on the second Thursday of the month.

Most of you who are familiar with the pin network will know how beneficial these type of networking events can be. With over 50 events taking place across the UK each month, hundreds, if not thousands of relationships have blossomed, and lots of these have resulted in creating incredibly successful opportunities. In Dubai we’re going to take the same successful model and help you take your investment journey to another level.

Using my 20 years of commercial, business systems and sales experience obtained in the UK and overseas and drawing on my experience of working with people across industries to secure multi-million-pound deals, I’ve developed a specific set of people/relationship skills that I’ve now also transferred into my own property investing business. I’m a huge believer in the power of building strong, long-term, mutually beneficial relationships, and its strength can be demonstrated through the success I’ve had throughout my career, which is now also reflective of the success within my property business. The phrase “Your Network, is Your Net Worth” might sound like a cheesy one-liner, but as investors, how strong and varied your network is will directly correlate with how successful you are in property, especially as an overseas or remote investor.

Regardless of whether you are just starting out in property and looking to get your ‘foot on the ladder’ or you’re an experienced investor with a large portfolio, the Dubai pin Meeting will have something for everyone.
Each month we’ll have two expert speakers taking us through specific areas of property investing. It might be insights into the mortgage products for overseas investors, property tax advice from qualified advisers, how to set up a property business, how you can use your pension to invest in property and many, many more very useful and informative sessions.

We’ll also here from other successful property investors about what they’ve done to become a successful property investor, including those who are overseas. They’ll provide their top tips and case studies on specific projects they have been involved in.

Of course, this is a networking event, so they’ll be plenty of time to mingle with other people in the room and share stories, experience and generally grow your network. The power of leverage is something I also strongly believe in, and there is always someone you know or have met who can do something better or more diligently that you can. Some very powerful relationships have been formed through the power of networking at these events, and it’s all centred on the leverage you can mutually gain from each other.

Finally, everyone attending the event each month will be entered into a prize draw that will be presented on the night. The prize will change each month and it will always be one of the latest products or services from pin, giving you free access to some very useful training that will only help to springboard your property journey.

I look forward to seeing you very soon.

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