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Hi, I'm Reegan the host of the Essex pin meeting.

I specialise in HMO Specialist Property Management and have built a successful Property Management portfolio covering the Essex and London Location. I invest here in Essex and have a strong will to move my future investments up North, using the freehold to Leasehold strategy with JV partners offering a high return on investment, profit share and high interest loans.

I hold an immense passion for property after starting in the Property Industry as an Estate Agent as a young 17 year old. After graduating from The Property Mastermind Programme in April 2017 I have found myself to have such a desire to share my passion and help to inspire people along their journey, as Simon did with me.

I run this meeting to create an environment for likeminded people, for people new to investing and seasoned investors to network, discuss new business opportunities, help develop one another, move forward and to just generally continue to be successful within our property investing journey. You will certainly take something away with you from our meetings, there will be something for all, never underestimate the power within the room.

We look forward to seeing you every 3rd Tuesday of the month at Essex pin (apart from August and December).

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