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We're Martin and Sarah Rapley.

We bought our first buy to let property over 10 years ago and intended to grow the portfolio but ended up spending the profits on enjoying life rather than reinvesting in further properties. Fast forward 10 years and it was time to invest properly and build up a portfolio for not only the long term but also short term cash flow. We attended Simon Zutshi's Property Investing Quick Start day, Mastermind Accelerator and the Property Mastermind Programme and from that supportive environment have been able to leave our jobs and dedicate our time to property full time.

Martin has almost 30 years experience in the construction industry and regularly speaks at other meetings about working with builders and defects in properties.

Our ambition for Kent pin is to create a friendly environment where you can meet up with experts in various property fields and make local contacts and friends to help you along your property journey.

We really look forward to meeting you at the next Kent pin meeting.

Sarah & Martin Rapley 07941 504836 07934 271371

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