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Welcome to the Norwich pin meeting which is held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

As you are here it tells me that you are an action taking proactive person. Perhaps you know you can achieve more, you are interested in personal development and improving your financial situation, you think property investing could be a way to achieve your goals. You might what to create an additional income, create financial security for you family or grow a successful property business. Wherever you are on your property journey, coming along to a pin meeting can help you.
The pin values are to invest with knowledge and with skill and the Norwich pin meeting is the perfect place to start or continue your investment journey in a supportive environment with people who have done or doing the same things that you want to achieve.

I started coming to pin 4 years ago with a small amount of property experience, as a direct result of pin I now have 3 successful property businesses, have quit my full time accountancy career and am growing my businesses, my network, my experience and influence in the property community.

After my A levels at Notre Dame High School in Norwich I studied an Accounting Degree at Loughborough University, then had a 20-year career an accountant ending up as the Finance and Operations Controller of a £100m turnover business in Norwich. I really enjoyed my career but always knew I couldn’t rely on it to provide the security or income I aspired to.

Mum and Dad were keen that each of their children on the property ladder as soon as possible, I started my first job in 1999 and Mum and I went house hunting. I could afford a 1 bedroom flat in Didcot for £65k. After 2 years it was worth £104k, I sold it and made £39k, this was an eye opener because it was more than I was making in my job, I didn’t have to study, it took none of my time and it was all tax free.

Another key moment was reading the book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki, despite being a qualified accountant, this book really brought it home what an asset was, what a liability was and how it could be possible to create a different lifestyle by investing in property, in business and in yourself. During the next 15 years I bought a few more houses, the traditional way, by waiting for the house price to rise, release equity to buy another one. Also partnered with my mum and dad, sister and brother to buy property. Looking back this was a slow way of investing especially as the credit crunch of 2008 slowed the amount of equity that was available for a period.

Friends and family are not always interested in talking to you about property, and I found that going to property networking meetings was a way to talk about property, guilt free, with like minded people who were also interested property investing.

Four years ago, the pin host asked to set a goal for the next 12 months. I didn’t have any money to buy property at the time but forced to put a goal on paper, I committed to generating a further £2,000 per month from property by the end of that year. One way I could achieve this was to manage other people properties. After a few months had started a letting agency and taken on my first 3 properties from investors in the pin meetings. 4 years on, I have left my accountancy career, we manage 60 properties most of which are HMO’s, have a full-time property manager and a growing business.

The person I met at my first pin meeting became one of our first landlords. We are now business partners in our corporate relocation business and have taken our first 2 rent to rent properties and have a target of 10 in the fist year of business. My own portfolio is growing an our most recent purchase of an 8-bedroom student house in Norwich is the best performing investment.

The future is bright and up to me what direction I take from here. I owe a lot to the people I have met through the pin meetings. I still feel like I am at the start of the property investing career and there is lots to learn and do but with support of my family and the people in the pin network it can all be achieved. If you have never attended a pin meeting before then the first meeting is complimentary, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. In just 2 hours you will learn more about property investing, meet a group of like minded proactive and supportive property investors, who know where it will take you.

If you don’t act today, you may never. So book on today and the pin team and I look forward to meeting you, learning about your aspirations in property and helping you to achieve them.

Take care

Ps. All progress starts with ONE action, so book onto the meeting today.

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