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Hello, I’m Spike Reddington and I host my Legendary Nottingham pin meeting for landlords, tradespeople, estate agents, solicitors, letting agents and other property professionals.

Here’s the thing though, I’m a photographer by trade and although I’ve now earnt my ‘financial freedom’ through property – meaning I could give up the ‘day job’ I’ve chosen to carry on, because photography is my passion. However, it now means I can pick and choose the work that I do, rather than being forced to say yes to everything coming my way!

See, that’s the great thing about investing in property – it can give you choices in your life – whether that means that you say “bye bye” to your boss, travel the world, treat your family or get that new car you’ve been hankering over.

However, it’s important to get yourself educated in a new business venture and this is where I come in with my wonderful Legendary Nottingham pin meeting, an incredible environment for investors to share knowledge and experience. It’s great if you’re just starting out in property as well as for the more experienced investor, to meet with like-minded people in a fun, and friendly educational environment.

You can meet experienced property experts, including landlords, solicitors, estate agents, letting agents, mortgage brokers and building tradesmen, all of whom can help you achieve your property goals. Each month we have two different educational speakers, explaining how they have achieved success in property - and how they can help you. They are chosen for their knowledge and expertise in their particular field, and for their generosity in wanting others to similarly succeed.

I hope to see you at the Legendary Nottingham pin meeting every 3rd Tuesday of the month, except for August when you should be sunning yourself on a beach somewhere and December when you could be watching James Bond repeats on the telly 


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