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Hi I’m Del Robinson and as host I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the Oxford pin on behalf of the team.

Whether you are experienced in property or just starting out on your journey, Oxford pin is a friendly/safe environment to come and meet like-minded people while learning and connecting with our resident mortgage advisors, tradesman and those working in property who can all help you achieve your property dreams.
Having always been told by my dad and early mentor to invest in brick and mortar I initially invested in my first investment property back in 2003. I turned a 1 bedroom flat into a 2 bed and rented the other room to my friend which covered the mortgage. I later sold that flat for a profit and life took me in a different direction eventually moving to Barcelona in Spain.

The next years involved me learning Spanish and building a new life integrating into a new country and building a career in HR Outsourcing and Project Management.

In the back of my mind I always wanted to get back to investing in property to build wealth and a secure financial future. Not sure how to proceed I knew I needed to fix a few things overcome the challenges of saving enough of a deposit to buy a property. I wanted a UK salary while still living in Barcelona where I am settled with my partner. In 2015 I had an opportunity to contract for a company in the UK which allowed me to still live in Barcelona while travelling to work in the UK, Madrid, Bucharest and Casablanca during the week.

During a 3 year spell I saved money for a deposit and was ready to invest in a property. Following the mainstream strategy, I started looking for a buy to let flat in Banbury. But research showed that purchasing a standard flat to rent out seemed to promise not very inspiring returns even if I bought at a bit of a discount. I kept digging through conflicting information and one thing that kept coming up in property articles and media was the name Simon Zutshi and his book Property Magic. Reading this book opened my eyes and a whole new world of property investing. I read about HMO’s with returns on investment upwards of 25% and monthly cashflows of between £500 to £1000 on a single property. I was hooked and still remember walking to work reading the book and laughing with joy, I now had some direction. I also realised that I had wasted many years waiting to be able to save for a deposit because if you educate yourself and do things right you can invest for little or no money using the right strategies.

I wanted to learn more so went on the 3 day Mastermind Accelerator with Simon Zutshi to learn more about strategies. I then realised that I wanted a mentor for a longer period to help me along the way. I joined the 26th Property Mastermind Programme in October 2018 and have since replaced my salary using a rent to rent HMO strategy also teaming up with a trusted business partner Lee we created Green Step Homes and are now working with investors to purchase HMO’s using a momentum investing strategy.

I now spend my time between Spain and the UK which allows me to stay connected with my family and friends in the UK while living in my ideal Mediterranean location. My regular UK visits allow me to immerse myself in the property community and source and manage new investment opportunities.
I believe in life by design and it is my personal mission to help others to build and create their dreams by showing that regardless of your situation it is possible to start now!

It would be great to meet and talk with you at Oxford pin to see how we can help you on your journey.

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