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Hello and welcome to Southampton pin. Nigel Budgen here and I host the Southampton pin meeting held on 1st Tuesday of the month.

I have been the Southampton pin Hosts since September 2017 after helping out at the event for many years.

My background is mainly in the retail sector being a qualified horticulturalist managing Garden Centres. Three years ago I set up a Gardening Maintenance company

After going to several property networking events I decided on a R2R (Rent 2 Rent) as a strategy.

Since then I have built up a significant portfolio and along with this have sold many deals and have also mentored other people to be able to get into the R2R Sector.

Along with my vast Knowledge of the R2R Strategy I also have knowledge & experience of the Serviced Accommodation Market & Lease Options.

I would love to welcome you to Southampton pin to help you in your property Journey.

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