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Hello and welcome to Southampton pin. We are Jon Woodman and Nigel Budgen and we host the Southampton pin meeting held on 1st Tuesday of the month.

Jon Woodman:

My background is in the defence sector and most recently in building an energy business for a large corporate company. After many years working for others I decided to go it alone in the consultancy world which has freed up time to focus on building a property business.

After discussions with other Mastermind success stories, I joined and successfully completed Simons Zutshi’s year long Property Mastermind programme and I am continuing my education with the Property Entrepreneur course.

As a result I have worked hard to build a Serviced Accommodation business in the South with a mixture of R2R, owned and managed properties. I am happy to share my knowledge and work with others to help them get a better return on their investment or get their own businesses off the ground.

The pin approach and community is absolutely amazing. It offers a friendly and supportive environment to learn about how property investment can enable you to achieve financial independence. Our speakers are experienced investors and will share their journeys and achievements to inspire and help you succeed; and there is ample time to network in the room and connect with service providers who can help you take practical steps to move forward with your property investment and income goals.

If this is your first visit to the Southampton pin we have a great team that is on hand to help you make the most of the event; they can answer any questions you have about pin academy, have experience of investing in the local area and beyond, and will facilitate your introduction to other pin members.

Nigel Budgen:

I have been the Southampton pin Host since September 2017 after helping out at the event for many years. My background is mainly in the retail sector being a qualified horticulturalist managing Garden Centres. Three years ago I set up a Gardening Maintenance company

After going to several property networking events I decided on a R2R (Rent 2 Rent) as a strategy. Since then I have built up a significant portfolio and along with this have sold many deals and have also mentored other people to be able to get into the R2R Sector.

Along with my vast Knowledge of the R2R Strategy I also have knowledge & experience of the Serviced Accommodation Market & Lease Options.

I would love to welcome you to Southampton pin to help you in your property Journey.

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