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Hi, and welcome to the Swansea Property Investors Network (pin) website! We are Ian and Bernadette Lloyd and we run the Swansea pin meeting on the 4th Thursday of each month at The Village Hotel, Swansea (Just off Fabian Way).

Why you should come along and join in...

By networking and spending time with like-minded people and getting to know them by interacting with them regularly, you will find that business relationships begin to develop. This leads on to valuable advice and support, as well as successful partnerships and joint ventures. At pin meetings you also get to hear our specially selected speakers who will help you to move on in your business. They are chosen for their knowledge, expertise and their generosity in wanting others to similarly succeed.

With two different topics and speakers each month, there is a 'Mass of information' shared and taught that benefits all spectrum of investor whether new to the 'world of property' or whether financially free with a large portfolio. At Swansea pin you will gain the opportunity to build valuable business relationships, learn from each other's mistakes and successes and move forward in a massively positive environment.

About us personally...

We have been landlords for over 10 years and have a portfolio of property across England, Wales and even Scotland that includes single lets and house shares. Our main focus at the moment is growing our portfolio of house shares (or HMO's) in Swansea and looking for flip options in the valleys.

We're accredited landlords and members of National Landlords Association and an accredited agent under the Rent Smart Wales Accreditation Scheme.

Bernadette is very involved in the pin Coaching and Mentoring activities and derives a lot of satisfaction from helping and encouraging people in their property journeys. She is currently responsible for the allocation of coaches and mentors within the 12-month long Mastermind program plus the allocation of the coaches for the Mastermind Local program.

Prior to our property journey we were both involved in the IT outsourcing services industry. Starting off as project managers we both travelled extensively across Europe and further afield to US and Asia. We followed the traditional career path and became senior managers responsible for large teams managing multiple customers across the globe.

Outside of business, we are keen mountain walkers, enjoy travelling and renovating our large Victorian house.

We look forward to meeting you...

I hope that this brief intro has inspired you to come along and I look forward to the opportunity of meeting you in person at the next Swansea pin on the fourth Thursday of each month. Visit and like our facebook page to keep in touch with what's happening both locally and in property in general http://tidyurl.com/swanseapin

Best Wishes

Ian & Bernadette Lloyd


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