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Hello, we are Aga and Seb Krupowicz and we are delighted to host Basingstoke Property Investors Network which is on every 4th Wednesday of the month.

We believe that knowledge, support and positive environment are instrumental if you want to achieve success in property market, and the goal for the Basingstoke pin meeting is to supply these in abundance.

Whether you are just starting out in property or are an experienced investor you will find a great value in attending the Basingstoke pin.

It was this meeting which Seb has attended in November 2013 which completely transformed our lives! At the time we were tired DIY-style investors in full time employment (hardly seeing each other) trying to figure out how to escape the 'rat race'. Today, thanks to taking massive action + education and support received from Property Investors Network we are an award winning investors specialising in HMOs and small developments.

There is nothing more humbling and rewarding than hosting the meeting where it all started! We are hoping to pass on the achieve-lifestyle-you-want baton to as many attendees as we can!

Thank you for finding the time to stop by and visit the Basingstoke pin website. We look forward to welcoming you at our next meeting and helping you achieve more success in your property business.

Aga & Seb Krupowicz

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