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Welcome to the Glasgow Property Investors Network (pin) website. I'm John Kerr, your pin Host. With our team of helpers, we look forward to welcoming you personally at our next meeting. The meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month (none in August and December).

If you're a property investor, here's why you should attend pin meetings: By networking and spending time with like-minded people, you will find business relationships develop. This often leads on to valuable advice and support, as well as successful partnerships and joint ventures. You can achieve more with others than you can alone, especially when it comes to the availability of finance.

You will also learn from selected pin speakers; they are chosen for their knowledge, expertise and generosity. With two topics each month, there is a 'mass of information' shared. Whether you're new to the 'world of property' or have a property portfolio, you will gain the opportunity to build valuable business relationships, learn from others' mistakes and successes and move forward in a massively positive environment.

There’s a valuable prize draw if you book in advance (3 days or more). Registration starts from 6pm on the evening and it's "the early bird that catches the worm", so if you are serious about your future, register and arrive early to build your contact base.

I am an experienced investor who has built a property portfolio over two years after attending Simon Zutshi's Property Mastermind Programme. I moved from my CEO job to an independent lifestyle to specialise in self-catering accommodation and i enjoy helping people achieve financial freedom through property.


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