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Hello and welcome. I’m Jay Sharma your host at the Leeds property investors network meeting.
Together with my son Nana Sharma we wish you a warm welcome to our meeting which is held at The Crowne Plaza, Leeds LS1 4DL on the 4th Wednesday of the month.
We provide tea, coffee and lots of cake!

So why should you come along to the Leeds pin Meeting?
By networking and spending time with like-minded people and getting to know them and by interacting with them regularly, you will find business relationships begin to develop.
Investing can be lonely, complex and challenging but it doesn’t have to be. Here at the Leeds pin Meeting our mission is to help people transform their lives through property, by providing people with all the tools, inspiration and connections that you may need to become financially free.
With 2 different topics and speakers each month, mortgage and letting updates, there is a vast amount of knowledge and skill shared and taught that benefits all members new to the property world, or already experienced investors.
You will also get the opportunity to build valuable business relationships and learn from each other’s mistakes and successesand move forward in a positive environment.
You will also receive the opportunity before the networking break, to introduce yourself to pin members, (this is not compulsory) about any services you may provide.
Many Leeds pin members regularly inform me they have seen an increase in their business, and revenue by regularly attending The Leeds pin Meeting!
If it is your first time attending a pin meeting come and join us. I want to take all the risk of you attending The Leeds pin Meeting, so please come as our guest for free using our voucher code: nana

About me...
I have been the host of The Leeds pin Meeting since 2010. My son and I are passionate in helping pin members free themselves from the dreaded 9 - 5 and become financially free through knowledge and skill that the property investors network provide.
I purchased my first property back in September 1989 and over the years we have built a large portfolio of rental properties.
It was only in 2005 when I attended my first one day course with the property investors network which then gave me the knowledge, skill and confidence to take the plunge the following year in becoming a full time Property Investor.
In 2010 my son and I also did a 12 Month Property Mastermind Mind Course through the property investors network, which opened so many different strategies of investing in property.
Over the years we have used several strategies taught by the property investors network organisation. We still add property to our rental portfolio, but we have enjoyed in recent years selling property and land through auction or direct to vendors.
Whatever stage you are in your property journey the Leeds pin Meeting provides a great opportunity to inspire and support you. We facilitate a friendly and inviting environment where individuals of all experience levels are welcomed and encouraged to share and benefit alike.
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