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Hello and a very warm welcome to your Swindon Property Investors Network
I am your host for our engaging monthly meetings which take place on the 4th Wednesday of each month excluding August & December.
Along with my team, my core objective is to have a supportive and relaxed environment to provide you with the right knowledge, empowering mindset and most importantly the right connections so you can start and/or grow your property business while enjoying the journey.
Property more than any other business is all about people. Surrounding ourselves with the right people is what truly makes successful property investors. Afterall, we do not need to know everything but have the right connections and access to the right knowledge in any shape or from.
From my personal experience with the pin family, I have been proven that absolutely everything we need to succeed in property investing is either in the room or through the room.
The high levels of professionalism and working ethics found within our pin circle is second to none and one which every property investor will gain great value from.
A little about myself
I am an entrepreneur, property investor & passionate about connecting people.
Through my business career in different cultures and industries around the globe including Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East & North Africa, I have created and developed businesses purely through meaningful & strategic relationships.
On the property investing side, Swindon is my core area of investment. I trust Swindon is one of the most exciting places to be investing in the UK at present.
Should you have any questions prior to attending our meeting, please do contact me either via phone or email and I will be pleased to answer any questions you have.
We very much look forward to welcoming you into our community and helping you achieve your desired outcomes from property.
We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting
Best wishes,

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