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Hello, we are MikeQ & Olga and we are pleased to be the Hosts of the York pin meeting.

We have built a portfolio of BTLs and HMOs across the UK with a focus in the Leeds/Bradford area.

Since the mid 90s we have worked in start ups and corporates, in IT, finance and banking in the UK and overseas. Our accumulated learning and experience and entrepreneurial nature led us to start our first company in 2010, which has led to ventures in Cyber Security, Crypto Currency, GDPR, Training and Trading. It has given us the freedom to pursue expanding our property portfolio and a unique means to raise capital.

Our passion is working with like-minded property investors and professionals, building solid working relationships and in our role as pin Hosts helping others with their property journey.

The pin York team are all local experienced property investors who have a wealth of knowledge to share. We invite you to join us on 3rd Wednesday of the month where we will be inviting the very best speakers to help us all add to our knowledge, experience and network.

We look forward to welcoming you at our next York event and helping you achieve more success in your property business.

Olga & Mike Q

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