The Power of Persistence 

The Importance of Persistence 

Persistence is crucial in any endeavour, especially in property investing. Many investors work with motivated sellers who need speed and certainty, making them more flexible on price or terms of the sale. However, these sellers might not accept a low offer immediately. The mistake many investors make is assuming a rejected offer means it's time to move on. But no doesn't mean no, never. It means no, not now. 

For instance, when I met my wife 21 years ago, she initially wasn't interested in dating me. However, we became great friends and eventually got together years later. If I had taken that initial rejection as a permanent no, my life would be very different today. This lesson applies to property investing and other areas of life: persistence pays off. 

Reflection on Past Experiences 

Think about times when you might have given up too quickly. It's common to feel frustrated and demoralised when your efforts don't yield immediate results. I've faced many such moments in my life. However, I also recall times when I persisted, and those experiences led to amazing outcomes. 

To help you stay persistent, I'll share a simple process that can make a big difference when you feel like giving up: 

  1. Mindset Check: Are limiting beliefs holding you back? Are you telling yourself you're too old, too young, or that there are no motivated sellers in your area? Challenge these beliefs and recognise they might be false.
  1. Doing the Right Thing: Ensure you're taking the correct steps toward your goal. There's no point in running a hundred miles if you're headed in the wrong direction. For example, writing letters to existing landlords can be effective, but it needs to be done correctly with a targeted approach and multiple follow-ups.

Personal Example 

Despite having attended similar courses multiple times and using these marketing strategies for years, I felt I wasn't achieving the desired results. So, I seized the opportunity to join the creators of this method for an intensive, small-group session. 

This experience reinforced the importance of continuously learning and refining my approach, even when I thought I knew everything. It was an investment of $14,000, but it was worth every penny for the insights and progress I've gained. 


Persistence is a powerful trait that can significantly impact your success in property investing and beyond. By checking your mindset, ensuring you're taking the right actions, and continuously learning and improving, you can overcome challenges and achieve your goals. 

Remember, no doesn't mean no, never. It means no, not now. Keep going, stay persistent, and you'll see the benefits of your hard work. 

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