£344,000 Revenue From a 50 Year Lease Option

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In this Property Success Story, co-founder of 41 businesses, Santosh Kumar, demonstrates Ways to Make Money from Property Investing, using Freehold & Commercial Property alongside Lease Options to create an ongoing total of £93k profit pa whilst on Simon Zutshi’s 12 month Property Mastermind.

How can you Analyze a Property Investment Like a Pro within the current 2023 Property Market?

Despite being an entrepreneur since 14 years old, with a track record of successfully growing businesses from scratch, Santosh would venture into UK Property Investments when the right opportunities weren’t available. Buying a Property for Passive Income became a serious hobby, acquiring 17 properties altogether.

Examples of Santosh utilizing his Property Training from Simon include his ‘Emons’ Freehold Commercial Property with its ground floor rented at £25k and top floor generating £144,000.

Santosh also became involved with an impressive Lease Option Agreement deal in Southampton, St James Street. He showcases How to Negotiate a LOA through this 50 year Lease Option, a ground floor Commercial Property and 2 Bed Flat. The total expected revenue from this single Property Deal is £344,000.

He summarizes his Top Property Investment Tips of not hesitating when it comes to the price and terms of the deal, being prepared and informed, and especially not using cash to purchase properties when building your Property Portfolio.

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