6 Creative Finance Business Models You Should Know

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Simon Zutshi, author of Property Magic and property investor since 1995, shares What is Creative Finance alongside his suggestions of 6 Creative Finance Models to fund your Property Deals in the UK.

Simon begins by highlighting that if you become good at Finding Property Deals, you can Make Money Without Money on your next Property Investment.

Find out How to Structure Your Next Property Deal using any of his 6 models which include Rent to Rent UK, Lease Option Agreements, Vendor Finance Property, Private Finance and Joint Venture Deals.

Some of these methods are great for Property Portfolios of both new and experienced property Investors. Simon stresses how understanding his Top 6 Property Strategies are key, as at least one of these will work for every single deal you do, and great solutions if you want to know How to Invest in Property With No Money 2022.

"So typically, it could be your money. But as I said, at some point you're going to run out of that, so you could use someone else's"


Simon Zutshi will be hosting some live online property training to get your questions answered about how you can use Creative Finance Strategies to invest in property with no money.

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