Common HMO Mistakes To Avoid – What Investors Need to Know

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What are the 5 Critical HMO Mistakes in Property Investment?

In this Property Education video, Property Expert Simon Zutshi shares the Biggest HMO Mistakes investors make before getting involved with HMO Property Investing in the UK. Learning more about Mastering HMO Properties could give you the security and freedom to spend your life doing what you want.

For anyone interested in How to Invest in HMO Properties but are sceptical because of any ‘HMO Investing Pitfalls’, Simon expands on these individually, explaining why they are misconceptions preventing you from growing your Property Portfolio.

Some of the ‘Top 5 HMO Investing Mistakes’ include thinking Houses of Multiple Occupation are Student Rental Properties, not carrying out any HMO Conversions to transform them into High End Co Living Properties and assuming you need a lot of capital to get started.

After talking through some of the alternative Property Strategies you can use in conjunction with HMO Projects such as BRRR / Momentum Investing, R2R and Lease Options - Simon underlines the pros of educating yourself on UK HMOs in order to replace your income quickly.


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