How to Make Between £3K to £5k Per Month in Profit Using Mega Deals

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In this inspirational Property Case Study, Michelle and Alice display How to Become Successful Property Investors, smashing the Property Mastermind target in just 12 months, by creating a recurring profit in excess of £150k per annum, after utilizing Property Training from Simon Zutshi’s Property Mastermind.

Mother and Daughter team Michelle and Alice decided to join forces on their property investing journey, after attending Simon Zutshi’s Mastermind Accelerator workshop and Strategy Implementation Live, property training event.

An example of their Property Success is their Residential to HMO Conversion, funded by a combination of Private Investor, and Vendor Finance, whereby there were able to recycle all of their initial money to give an infinite Return on Investment whilst still generating a monthly profit of £3k from this high end co-living HMO. They also demonstrate Title Splitting within the garden of this property, to build a 4 Bed Mini Mo achieving an additional £2k pcm.

As a result of their 12-month Property Education with Simon, Michelle and Alice have picked up other valuable Property Strategies such as BRRR Property Investment, (Buy, Refurbish, Refinance, Rent), learnt about How to Find Motivated Sellers and do Commercial to Residential Conversions.



Simon Zutshi would like to invite you to join this online training about taking your property investing to the next level and making between £3k-£5k profit per month from one deal.


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