Jumping Up The Property Learning Curve!

In today's Blog, I am going to talk about how you can jump up the property learning curve, how you can speed up your investing success, avoid the expensive mistakes that many people make on their own, and get to the point where you replace your income much quicker. 

First Steps To Success 

Now, there are several ways you can increase your knowledge and learning. Of course, reading this Blog section is a great start. Watching the Simon Zutshi YouTube channel is also useful. Lastly attending your local pin meetings, either physically or virtually, is a perfect place to start building your knowledge. 

The problem with all of that is that it takes time, and time is your most valuable asset. So my strong recommendation to you is to start attending property training events. Now, the benefit of going to property training events is that, first of all, you speed up the learning process. Instead of trying to piece together all the knowledge from all the free content you are consuming, you often get taught a step-by-step process that will save you time and help you get to where you want to get to much quicker. 


What Is Best For You? 

So there are lots of different types of training events you can attend. I want to give a little bit of analysis so you can work out which might be best for you. 

First of all, there are now lots of virtual online training events, two and three-day events, and these can be beneficial because they're often a lower cost as there's no travelling time or travelling cost for you. However, the downside is that because you're sitting at home participating, there are often distractions around, and you may not focus and concentrate as much as you would if you were LIVE in the room.


My Opinion 

My recommendation is that you want to start going to some physical events. Now, of course, you do have to travel; you might even have to stay overnight, so there's more time and money involved in that. But actually, that's one of the benefits. Getting away from your normal environment and going somewhere different has huge benefits because it gets you thinking differently and thinking outside of your comfort zone. 

If you're sitting there thinking I don't know if I want to travel or spend money doing this, my question to you is are you truly committed to your property investing success? You need to make sacrifices to have long-term benefits for the rest of your life. So, I really would encourage you to get out there and make the most of every opportunity you can.


Is The Training Worth It? 

Now, often people say to me, Simon, is it worth paying for training events? Can't I just get all the information I need for free? Well, I suppose the question is, what's your time worth? Yes, you can get all the information you need for free. You could listen to every single podcast episode I've ever done, watch every YouTube video I've ever done. You could read all the books, listen to audiobooks, and watch all the training videos. You could piece together all the knowledge that you need, but it would take you a long time. So it's a balance between time and money, and for me, my time is much more valuable than the money I have to spend. If I can save time by investing money and getting access to the right knowledge, the right people in the room, then that's a very good investment for me. 

“The More You Can Invest In Yourself, The More Successful You Will Be”

Now, some people think I can't afford to go to these training events. My question to you is can you afford not to? If you want to be successful in property investing, you need to invest in yourself. You need to educate yourself. You need to build your network. You need to grow as an individual. So I want to give you a bit of a framework to help you understand what might be the right type of training event for you. 

First of all, there are one, two, and three-day events, which are often very good general knowledge. There are often multiple speakers, so you get a lot of information. These are often good for beginners, If you're just starting out, you want to get a broad understanding of the market. If you're more advanced, you might want to go to an event that's very specific on one topic. Perhaps you want to learn about HMOs or commercial conversion or maybe serviced accommodation. And there are so many different property strategies out there. So a one, two, or three-day event could be very good because you get a lot of knowledge in a short space of time. 

Now, if you're serious about your property investing success, then you might want to consider a longer-term training programme, something like a 12-month mentorship programme. Now, the benefit of a mentorship programme is it's not just about the knowledge, although that's important. It's also about the implementation and the support. You see, if you go on a one, two or three-day event, you'll get a lot of information. But then when you go home, you've got to try and implement that. And often, you're not sure if you're doing it right and it can be a bit scary. So with a mentorship programme, you're getting ongoing support over a longer period of time. Now, the downside of a mentorship programme is obviously the cost. It's more expensive because you're getting more support. 


The Benefits Of Signing Up  

One of the benefits of being in a mentorship program is often they have live events as part of that programme as well. So you get the best of both worlds. You get ongoing support, but also the chance to meet other like-minded investors. The final type of training event is a mastermind group or a property investors network meeting. These are often a group of like-minded individuals who meet up regularly to help each other in their property journey. The benefit of this is you get the collective knowledge of the group and you can learn from other people's successes, but also their mistakes. 


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