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Hosted by Samuel Ikhinmwin on the 1st Thursday of every month at the De Vere Conference Suite. Attendees can expect first class speakers and great networking opportunities.

Registration opens at 6pm.
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Canary Wharf September 2018 Meeting 

Find, Fund, Hold or Exit : You and Your Choices - Richard Bowser

Richard Bowser, the editor of the renowned monthly magazine ‘Property Investor News’ offers an overview as to how investors can maximise the opportunities presented by current market conditions and buyer/seller sentiment. 

As a long term residential landlord and private investor, Richard’s overview of the UK property investment market and his property investing experience gained over 23 years contains genuine substance and he offers some invaluable analysis for both new and experienced investors. 

If you really want to enhance your understanding of the property marketplace and where the real opportunities will exist in the next few years, then make sure you don’t miss this talk.

ALSO... The Art of the Deal: Valuation vs Asking Price - Paul Roberts 

At this month's pin meeting, Paul will reveal the value of information in determining the right price to pay for a property.

He will talk about how an estate agent will value a property and also how surveyors value properties for mortgage purposes. In addition to this he will explain how he looks at a property as an investment to determine when to expect a discount, pay the asking price or even pay above the asking price and will provide case studies of projects he has done.

In 1997, Paul bought his first house with a 95% mortgage with a 5% cashback!! In the following years, while working in the City, he lived the fast life of champagne, nightlife and fast cars unsurprisingly finding himself in debt by late 1998. At this point rather than sell his house he doubled down and bought a property in Bow which after some minor renovations he sold for a profit of £30,000 and was debt free with capital to invest again. This was the lightbulb moment and he went on to flip several properties for good profits sometimes taking deposits from credit cards. In the early 2000's after some life changing events, he took a different view on the property market and started looking at things for the longer term. The strategy he used from that period is the subject of the talk.

During his presentation you will learn:

  • What information to gather to determine the value of a property
  • Where to look for this information
  • How much you should pay for a property
  • When to seek a discount
  • When to pay the asking price
  • When to pay more than the asking price
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Thursday 6th September 2018
6:00pm - 7:00pm Networking & Registration
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