Serviced Accommodation Case Study – £42,890 Annual Profit

Find out how Property Mastermind Could Change Your Life

Why not learn all about a Property Investing Course which introduces you to high cash flow Property Strategies to deploy, such as Serviced Accommodation, giving you more time and freedom as a result of your achievements.

Top Performer Anita Modi begins her Property Case Study by talking through her background in Hungary, followed by pursuing her career as a Quantity Surveyor. Realising she had little personal time with her job, she soon became interested in Property Investing, leading her to listen to Simon’s Property Magic Podcast and signing up for his Property Training.

Anita displays Reasons Why You Should Get Into Property in 2024 from her Property Success examples which include acquiring a 2 Bed Terraced Property, generating £1,078 profit per month. She is also utilising the studio within her home to obtain an impressive £1,485 profit per month with a 118% Return On Investment (ROI).

After her Property Success as a Beginner, Anita’s plans include changing her focus to Commercial to Residential Conversions alongside continuing to expand her UK Property Investing knowledge.


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