£100k+ Cash Out From BRRRR Property Investing – Buy, Refurbish, Rent, Refinance

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In this inspirational Property Case Study, Andrea Wilson displays How to Become a Successful Property Investor achieving £56k pa profit and over £100k cash out for two BRRRR property projects whilst on the Simon Zutshi 12 month Property Mastermind.

Andrea from Devon, begins sharing her story on Ways to Make Money from Property Investing. Whilst working on super yachts and travelling the world with her partner, they began to buy houses to live in. She goes on to highlight how she regrets not doing anything substantial with these properties, before selling them on, and wishes she knew what she knows now from the valuable Property Training she has received on the Property Mastermind.

Realising she wants to bring her family back together and gain long term Financial Security, Andrea decided to make the most of her passion for property and join Simon’s 12 month Property Mastermind mentorship to learn how to invest in property the right way.

An example of her Property Success and the Property Strategies she applied, are her two BRRR Method Property Investment deals in Dartmouth and Plymouth. After utilising her BRRR Strategy knowledge, Andrea is able to refinance these deals in order to get all of her money out, giving her an infinite Return On Investment plus an extra cash out of £85,000 from her Victorian Terrace in Dartmouth and at least an extra £20,000 cash out from her Plymouth property.

In total this is at least £100k+ extra cash out from applying the Buy Refurbish Refinance Rent method to her Property Investing, plus £56k of profit, after all expanses, every year, for as long as she holds these investment properties.


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