£200,000 Profit After Tax From Our Emergency Housing Mega Deal

Discover How The 12-Month Property Mastermind Programme Could Change Your Life

Want to learn how to be financially free? In this Property Success interview, John and Bronwen Vearncombe join Simon Zutshi to discuss their life changing Property Portfolio, 10 years on from joining the Property Mastermind programme.

Both John and Bronwen are great examples of how you can generate wealth by focusing on the Best Property Investing Strategy for high cash flow. Whilst most people would usually use their 9-5, commutes and family as an excuse not to learn How to Become a Successful Property Investor - they understood the commitment required and temporarily sacrificed their social life to invest in their Property Education.

In their first Mastermind year, John and Bronwen utilized HMO Property Investing and managed to secure 4 Houses of Multiple Occupancy, followed by 2-3 more, alongside bigger deals using none of their own money

. Eventually moving onto flats and Social Housing, they achieved 5 guest houses with over 90 rooms, brought through Lease Options, Long Leases and Rent2Rent Deals.

A key Property Case Study is John and Bronwen’s Emergency Housing Mega Deal, earning an impressive £200,000 profit after tax.

The couple also summarize their experiences traveling in Africa where they became familiar with how to Manage Overseas Property. What are the Best Countries to Buy Property? After falling in love with Zanzibar, John and Bronwen are currently in the process of building 9 Apartments alongside their own holiday home, paid for by the profits of the flats.

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