How I Achieved £915k & £54k pa From HMO & C2R Property Investing

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In this inspirational Property Case Study, ex engineer and self employed builder Adam Seedwood will explain How to Become a Successful Property Investor, from his personal experience on Simon Zutshi’s Property Mastermind during which he acquired an additional £915k of property, which now gives him and extra annual profit of £54k.

This was all achieved in just 12 months, whist Adam was on the Property Mastermind programme, something that Adam had been thinking about joining for years.

In the beginning of case study Adam shares that one of his reasons for getting into Property Education, was because he witnessed how some of his property investing peers that he knew from his local property investors network became Successful Property Investors from participation in the Property Mastermind, Property Training.

Find out more about how Flipping Property was all that Adam knew when he first started his Property Investment journey. Yet from the Property Investment Tips he picked up on the Property Mastermind, he became aware of more profitable Property Strategies such as HMO Property Investing and How to Convert Commercial Buildings to Residential.

An example of his HMO Conversion includes the case study of a derelict property, purchased at a Property Auction for £82k. Adam was able to adopt a HMO Strategy to turn it into a 5 Bed HMO Property Investment, with a cash flow of £2,000 per month.

Adam is now looking to find Land Development Sites for Flats, rebrand his Property Business and repurpose 2 Existing Houses into Houses of Multiple Occupation to further improve his monthly cash flow.

"I never really thought the Mastermind programme was for me, but my friends achieved some really good I signed up and have not regretted it ever since"

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