How Much Should You Be Making From Your Property?

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How many properties do you need to replace your income? It might well be less than you think.

It really depends on how much cash flow you make from each Buy to Let property, which in turn depends on the specific investing strategy you use.

However, when investing it’s not just the cash flow you should this about. You also need to look at the Return On Investment (ROI) generated from you investment property.

Which property investing strategy gives the best cash flow and which gives the Best ROI?

In this brand new Video, founder of the property investors network, Simon Zutshi, compares the cash flow and ROI that you can achieve on the various different investment strategies such as But to Let property, HMO property, Serviced Accommodation, Rent to Rent and Purchase Lease Options.

You can use this as a guide to work which property investing strategies might be best for you.

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