How To Become A Millionaire With Property Investment

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Before talking through his Steps to Becoming a Millionaire, Simon addresses what Types of Millionaires there are. What Does It Mean to Be a Millionaire? He explains how he chose Property Investment as his vehicle to become a UK Millionaire.

Simon highlights his real breakthrough during his corporate career, learning How to Become a Successful Property Investor would result in replacing your income and gaining so much more time for yourself.

He encourages those who are interested in Millionaire Property Investment to get involved with Property Training and Property Networking such as his own property investor’s network Meetings across the country.

As part of his Millionaire Property Investment Strategy, Simon stresses that you should become familiar with finding great property deals and especially Below Market Value Property. Property Strategies such as the BRRR Method or Momentum Investing is a good place to start, followed by HMO Property Investing (Houses of Multiple Occupation) for quick cash flow.

"You don't need many properties, once you've got those and you've got your income replaced, you start doing what you want. Over time, you will become a property millionaire"

If you really want to be serious, why don't you think about investing in yourself? Come and do one of our training programmes. We've got home study programmes, live physical events and virtual events. The best thing to do is to probably book a call with one of my team, which is linked below.

They can understand where you're up to, what you want to achieve and recommend the most appropriate training for you.

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