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Birmingham June 2018 Meeting 

From the Basement to the Penthouse in the Skyscraper Investment Model – Fredrik Sandvall


Fredrik Sandvall is a property investor and serial entrepreneur with a broad international business experience. He hopes to inspire you to see what is doable, then it is all up to you. He is developing, investing, and mentoring others to success in property including facilitating the Mastermind Local Program in London.

The goal with Fredrik's presentation is to explain the Skyscraper Investment Model highlights and provides examples of how to monetise and manage your cash flow in different phases of your property career. He will also outline the the fundamentals of how you can make money in many different stages and levels of the property market from the Basement level of  negative cash flow to abundance at the Penthouse level and the levels in between. 

Key learning points: 

  • Speed of money and the value of velocity 
  • The Skyscraper Investment Model
  • Fundamental corner stones of investing
  • Reflect on how you can develop further and the next steps

Regardless of which strategy you may wish to focus on, there is value for you in Fredrik's presentation and you will no doubt also pick up even more ideas on how you can increase your personal cash flow! 

It is going to be a great talk so book your place now!

ALSO.... Safe as Houses? - Fire safety management in HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation) - Antony Bolder 


Fire prevention is a critical component in ensuring the continued safety of people residing in buildings.  As the national tragedy of Grenfell Tower has exposed, the incorrect application of building works or lack of correct planned preventative maintenance programme can have devastating effects.

Having been in the fire service, as an operational officer, fire safety, community safety and health and safety specialist for 27 years, Antony has taken those skill sets into the private sector of fire consultancy.  Working with a host of letting agents and private landlords, and through multiple fire risk assessment surveys,  the level of  understanding in  both active and passive fire safety elements from an owners or `responsible persons` view is still a real issue.  This together with understanding the responsibility to provide fire safety aspects under either the Fire Safety Order or HMO management regulations, many of which are `absolute` under the law, are important elements in ensuring todays landlords or letting agents/management companies are exercising their required duties correctly.

During Antony's presentation he will highlight the following major points:

•    Legislation and its effects on pin members
•    Fire Dynamics (including fire growth and spread in compartments)
•    `Active` and `Passive`systems
•    Testing and Inspection programmes (as required by the FSO/MHMOR)
•    LandlordsFSO fire management programme as an alternative to paper based documents

By the end of the presentation you will be in a more informed position on the requirements for fire safety as it applies to your properties, together with information on how to complete the required tests and inspections in relation to an overall fire prevention strategy.

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