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Hosted by Andy Gwynn and Mary Collin on the 3rd Thursday of every month at the Crowne Plaza NEC. Attendees can expect first class speakers and great networking opportunities.

Registration opens at 6pm.
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Hi, and welcome to the Birmingham Property Investors Network (pin) website! We are Mary Collin & Andy Gwynn and......

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pin Blogs ARE LIVE!

Your regular dose of property insights written by Simon Zutshi

your bi-weekly dose of property insights written by Simon Zutshi



pin Blogs ARE LIVE!

your bi-weeky dose of property insights written by Simon Zutshi

your regular dose of property insights written by Simon Zutshi


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Birmingham October 2019 Meeting 

Discover how to maximise the value of a property by following some simple strategies - Peter Dabner


Maximising the value of a property goes hand in hand with Joint Ventures.  

JVIP has been delivering successful projects by adding value to many types of property since 2003 - find out how Peter and his team access the potential of a project and consistently deliver profit for their Joint Venture Partners.

Using this step by step approach, you will learn how to look at a project with a different mind-set.  Whether you are looking for a good return or to increase your own equity, this presentation is a must!

ALSO... How to transform your investors' lives through property  - Rowena Ganguli 

Whether you’re thinking about working with investors, or whether you’re already using private funds for your property projects, this talk is for you.

At some point many of us have felt that seeking funds for our projects and talking about money is awkward, embarrassing and even impolite.

During Rowena’s presentation she will bring her own unique perspective on what it really means to be offering someone the opportunity to lend you their money. She will suggest that, rather than asking a favour, what we are actually doing is serving others by paving a path to their financial freedom. 

In this talk you will learn:
•    That most people don’t know how to invest their money effectively
•    That you can provide an invaluable service to anyone who’s earning a poor return on their savings
•    That your property projects can be the catalyst to creating financial freedom, happiness and fulfilment in your own life and your investors’ lives

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Thursday 17th October 2019
6:00pm - 7:00pm Networking & Registration
7:00pm - 9:00pm Meeting
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