Welcome to the pin Coventry And Warwickshire Meeting property networking event.

Hosted by Sébastien Buhour on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at the Citrus Hotel Coventry. Attendees can expect first class speakers and great networking opportunities.

Registration opens at 6pm.
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Sébastien Buhour

Hi, my name is Sébastien Buhour and I am the Host of Coventry pin.

Let me tell you about me first. I am married and the proud father of three wonderful children. I was born in Normandy, France, Where I grew up.

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pin Blogs ARE LIVE!

Your regular dose of property insights written by Simon Zutshi

your bi-weekly dose of property insights written by Simon Zutshi



pin Blogs ARE LIVE!

your bi-weeky dose of property insights written by Simon Zutshi

your regular dose of property insights written by Simon Zutshi


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Coventry And Warwickshire November 2019 Meeting 

Welcome to the new, more rewarding and financial era - Andrew Hall 

At this month's pin meeting, Andrew Hall Co-Founder of CrowdProperty, will be talking about the dawn of technology-enabled alternative finance, which the UK leads the world in. 'Fintech' is breaking new boundaries and making financial services far more efficient and therefore more rewarding for customers.
During Andrew's presentation you will learn:

  • What Alternative Finance is and why it’s the future of finance
  • Why it benefits everyone (except the banks)
  • How CrowdProperty is harnessing technology to disrupt the property finance sector
  • How CrowdProperty can help you grow your property business faster

CrowdProperty is becoming the number one place for SME property professionals to easily raise finance for property projects. Offering bridging, refurbishment, development, auction and 'special situations' (just ask their experts) funding, CrowdProperty is funding projects in minutes (and sometimes seconds) on their platform from 7,000 lenders, funding £80m of property and 500 Great British Homes to date. Applying complex technology and deep property expertise, CrowdProperty more efficiently matches the supply and demand of capital, meaning a better deal for both borrowers and lenders alike. 

CrowdProperty is different because:

  • They are property experts and understand your need for speed, ease and certainty
  • You speak directly to their expert decision makers
  • They will give initial decisions in 24 hours
  • There are no hidden fees (there are often so many), complexity nor profit share
  • There are no last-minute changes
  • They offer loans from £100k-£5m+
  • They can fund up to 100% Loan to Cost (project dependent)
  • Interest is rolled up
  • Drawdowns are fast and easy
  • They work in direct partnership with you – we all want your project to be a success    

ALSO... Fight the Fear and Succeed in Property and beyond! Annie Vinton 


By her own admission, she is a mixture of appearing to be confident but inside she's not.  She has several personal ‘hang-ups’ that have held her back and hampered her progress in everyday life and her property journey.

Annie has developed her own techniques to help her over-come her internal fears and through this she has achieved more than she ever thought possible.  

During Annie's presentation she will cover:

  • Admitting that she never thought she would be able to stand up and speak to a group of people. Thanks to her property training with Simon now she can!
  • From the presentations she has done to date, it surprises her that many people relate to her fears and her talk has helped them believe that the unbelievable is possible
  • She will share her MM24 journey, the highs and the lows
  • She will talk through her Purchase Lease Option (PLO) deal that secured her place as a MM24 Top Performer

When you have a lack of confidence or internal fear you believe you are the only one.  Annie knows now that isn’t the case and her aim is to help others to overcome their own fears and grow in confidence to achieve to their own potential.

AND..... Monthly Lettings Clinic - Homemaker Properties  

Yet again this month we are giving you the exclusive chance to get direct answers, insights and valuable knowledge from our g experts at Homemaker Properties. Come along at 5.30 pm to benefit from this hugely informative lettings masterclass. 

Do you have a lettings query you would like answering? Please send it to alison@homemakerproperties.com or contact us via Facebook to guarantee a response on the night

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Tuesday 12th November 2019
7:00pm - 9:00pm (Registration from 6:00pm)
Citrus Hotel Coventry, A45 London Rd, Ryton on Dunsmore, Warwickshire, Coventry, CV8 3DY
20.00 Per Person (Card Only Payments)
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