Property Investment Through a Limited Company

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You Can’t Buy Property through Your Existing Business

A mistake that’s sometimes made is that you might already have your own limited company that might be related to your work. A lot of our clients are IT contractors, they have a limited company and their company bills the employer and then they get a salary from their company. That company often has money in it and people think “Right, I'll just start buying property in this company.” But because it's a trading company, mortgage companies don't like that and won't lend you against that company.

So even if you have a business already related to your employment, you might need to set up a separate investment business. What you can do if you've got money in a limited company, you can take a director's loan. You can borrow some money from your company, put it into your brand-new limited company that you buy your property in and that's how you can fund your deposits. One of the great things about having a limited company is that there are lots of expenses you can legitimately offset through the business. For example, if you have a mobile phone that you use for work, you can put that through the business, a lot of your travel in your car, you can put through your business. If you use one of the rooms in your home, you can obviously put that through your business as well and get a bit of a deduction for the household costs. If you do property education training, you can put all of those costs into your property business too and offset those costs against future profit.

Speak To a Property Tax Specialist

It's really good to pay for as much as you possibly can from the business’ pre-tax profits instead of post-tax income which is when it's in your pocket. They need to be legitimate expenses and if you have an accountant or an advisor, they can advise you on what you need to do. In fact I would suggest, if you're setting up your company in the first place you can go and buy a company online for £20, but it might not be fit for purpose.

If you want to make a lot of money in your property, you're going to pay lots of tax. So you want to make sure the company is set up correctly in the first place. I highly recommend all my clients speak to a property tax specialist, they might be a couple of hundred pounds but get it all set up right in the first place so that you minimise tax moving forward. Once you've set things up and you bought things it's hard to move things around, so it's one of those things you want to get right at the very beginning.

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