Raising Property Finance for Your Next Deal

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In this brand new Property Education video, Simon Zutshi advises on How to Raise Money For Your Property Investment Deal.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced Property Investor in the UK, Simon outlines how all property investors will eventually run out of their own buy to let property deposit money when building their Property Portfolios. For those keen to know How to Get Started in Property Investing, it is important to note that whilst there will be some money required for most Buy to let property purchases it doesn’t have to be your money.

After talking through Property Strategies such as Rent to Rent (R2R), Lease Option Agreements and Vendor Finance, Simon elaborates on the different Ways to Raise The Cash to Invest in Property.

Making sure you have a really good property deal to begin with is essential, as explained in Simon’s book Property Magic, it is also beneficial to know how to speak to Motivated Sellers for an ethical win-win solution.

With Private Loans and Joint Venture Agreements Explained, he stresses why you should consider raising your profile on social media and reaching out to people to let them know more about your property investing activates.

As part of Your Guide to Property Investing in the UK, Simon encourages you to take Property Networking seriously as ‘The Bigger Your Network, The Bigger Your Net Worth’. By regularly attending your local property investors network (pin) meetings, and building your personal property network, you can find all the resources you need.



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