3 Property Investing Myths You Haven’t Been Told About

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What are the 3 Common Myths About Property Investment? Is There A Property Myth Which Will Cost You Thousands?

Property Expert, Simon Zutshi, Busts Your Property Myths whilst outlining how these are potentially the 3 Main Property Investing Myths that are stopping you from Investing right now.

He dives into his Common Property Investment Myths video, addressing the first Investing Myth, an Upcoming Housing Crash.

Simon stresses that right now is a really good time to invest, as long as you know what you are doing, and following his 5 Golden Rules from Property Magic. These are the Must Know Rules of Property Investing.

Busting Property Investment Myths also includes the misconception of Inflation Being Bad For Property Investors. So What Does Inflation Mean For Property Investors?

Simon concludes his Myths of Property Investing with his third being how Property Deals Don’t Stack Up At The Moment. Instead of just focusing on How to Know If a Property Deal Stacks, he encourages you to look further into High Cash Flow Strategies such as HMO’s or Serviced Accommodation.

Find out more about Property Strategies, that when done correctly, could help you achieve £1,000 a month. Start educating yourself on How to Find Good Property Deals which involves helping Motivated Sellers who are open to Creative Strategies.

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