6 Mistakes Made by Most Deal Sourcers

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Thinking of learning How to Start As A Deal Sourcer with UK Property? There are a few common mistakes you should be made aware of.

The Truth About Deal Sourcing and becoming proficient with How to Source Properties is that the vast majority of Deal Sourcers don't know what they are doing.

Without the right Property Training, they completely miss the fundamentals of what to look for with Property Deals. Property Expert, Simon Zutshi, highlights the core 6 Expensive Mistakes Deal Sourcers need to stop making.

These include not knowing 'how to negotiate', 'missing the bigger picture', 'struggling to find people to sell to' and 'selling deals they should be keeping themselves'.

When it comes to the Deal Sourcing Strategy, the very best way to find Investors is at Paid Property Education Events and Property Auctions.

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