99% Mortgages – Good Or Bad News For the UK Property Market?

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In this brand new, Property Education video, Simon Zutshi shares his thoughts on the 99% Mortgage Plan and what it could mean for Property Investors, Homeowners, and Potential First Time Buyers in the UK.

Find out more about Simon’s concerns with this Mortgage Scheme and potential Negative Equity because of a fall in Property Prices. Simon makes comparisons to the Housing Market in 2007, during the Global Property Boom, when it was possible to get a 125% mortgage on residential property and a 90% mortgage on buy to let properties sometimes with a in 10% gifted deposit from the developer.

How effective would a 99 Per Cent Mortgage be for helping people get onto and Climb the UK Property Ladder?

Learn about why Simon doesn’t think this will contribute towards a Property Boom and how becoming a Tenant Buyer is a very feasible option instead, involving Lease Option Agreements.

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