Bank Of England Interest Rate Update  

What Is Happening With Inflation? 

With Inflation being very high, the Bank of England put the interest rates up to slow down the economy. However, inflation has been falling and we heard last week the figures that inflation is now 3.4% down from 4% in January. The Bank of England is being very cautious, they're deciding not to lower the Bank of England base rate just yet. I think this is going to be a big disappointment to many homeowners who have been sitting waiting to maybe buy their next property and they've wanted lower rates or people who are coming towards the end or already finished their fixed-rate mortgages. 

How Does This Affect Property Investing? 

 The buyer's market is going to continue for at least I think another four to six months. A buyer's market is when you have more sellers than you have buyers and because of high interest rates, because of market uncertainty, many buyers are just waiting to see what happens. This means there's a huge opportunity for you if you find a property that works, i.e. stacks up and makes cash flow. This is difficult with single lets because of high-interest rates. But if you're doing HMOs or service accommodation, these are two advanced strategies that give very high monthly profits. A lot of deals work well and right now because it's a buyer's market, you can use that to negotiate good purchase prices from sellers. 

Why You Should Not Worry 

I believe you should be investing all the time not worrying about short-term fluctuations, not worrying about the cost of mortgages right now. As long as the property stacks up and makes money for you and you know you can rent it out and you're looking for a long-term view, which is pretty much the golden rule I talk about in Property Magic, I encourage you to get out there, find great deals, always do your due diligence and negotiate hard. You only want to be doing really good property deals in the current market. Either you should be buying at really good discounts or the sellers might have flexibility and be open to creative solutions such as purchase lease options or even vendor finance where the vendor helps fund the deposit for you for the purchase of the property. I'm going to talk a lot about this over the next few months and talk about creative finance strategies. I have spent a bit of time talking about purchase lease options recently and I'm going to turn my tune to other strategies you can use to buy and control property using very little of your own money. 

“With uncertainty comes opportunity.”

The key is action, make sure you are taking steps towards your property goals, whether it's educating yourself, finding great deals, or building your investment portfolio. I know there's a lot of uncertainty out there, especially with recent market fluctuations and economic challenges.  

This might be the perfect time to find undervalued properties or negotiate favorable terms. Stay informed, stay proactive, and keep pushing forward. The world of property investing is vast and dynamic, but with the right mindset and strategy, you can navigate it successfully. Whether you're a first-time buyer, a seasoned investor, or somewhere in between, there are resources available to help you navigate the property market. 



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